Anycloud Backup


Anycloud Backup for Azure is a seamless integration with Microsoft, where native object storage is used to enable backup storage repository. The solution provides segregation of duties to the end-customer as the responsibility and access to the backup data is moved from the IT personnel to Anycloud.

Data moved to the backup service is completely separated from the Azure tenant and the administrative access from the IT personnel, by providing a secure air-gapped, yet still, cloud-to-cloud backup service.

Azure shared responsibility model

Why choose Anycloud backup for Azure

Like other solutions from Microsoft, Azure is covered by the shared responsibility model. Microsoft’s shared responsibility policy states that Microsoft is an availability platform and that Microsoft’s main responsible is taking care of the uptime of the platform. On the other hand, the end-customers are responsible for access and control of the data residing in the platform, making it a necessity for businesses to back up data away from the Microsoft environment.

Give your customers an effective backup solution


Anycloud Backup for Azure provide a cloud-to-cloud backup of Azure workloads, completely separated from your existing Azure environment that secures the data from malicious attacks and human errors. The service delivers segregation of duties and air-gapping.


Offer a full packaged solution that is compatible with other native Anycloud services. The customers will be ensured data management and protection services from the same vendor and with no hidden costs.


Anycloud Backup for Azure can be selected as a managed service model to make the workload with administration and monitoring easy and divided from normal IT staff.

... and much more!

Technical specifications

ISO 27001


ISAE 3000


The Anycloud Backup for Azure service for Veeam is designed by Anycloud. The technologies used are compliant with governance requirements and industry standards as data is encrypted and once data is placed in the chosen datacenter it stays there. Data security is our priority, and our services are delivered in multiple  datacentres across the globe, which are minimum tier-3 datacentres.

With Anycloud Azure backup your Azure workloads are protected by both industry and best-practices standards with the highest level of AES 256-bit encryption and security built in and with segregation of duties and air-gapped protection. Access to the Azure backup and the data are kept to a minimum-philosophy. Access to the actual data is not possible to reach by the customer or reseller, without a formal request that has built-in validation processes to ensure that any kind of access only happens to the authorized persons.

Knowledge base and changelog

As a part of the service there are two useful links for the knowledge base, where all common questions and technical errors have been collected. The changelog is divided into API, management portal and restore portal, where you can find all the latest updates.