Anycloud Backup
for 365



Anycloud Backup for 365 is a partner-ready SaaS offering for data protection delivered by Anycloud and is created with the intent to safely backup data and restore.

The purpose of Anycloud Backup for 365 is to provide a secure backup of data stored within the main services Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Teams for end-users.

Microsoft 365 responsibility model

Why choose Anycloud backup for 365

Microsoft’s shared responsibility policy states that Microsoft is an availability platform and that Microsoft’s main responsibility is taking care of the uptime of the M365 platform. Nonetheless, the end-customers are responsible for access and control of the data residing in the platform, making it a necessity for businesses to backup data away from the Microsoft environment.

Give your customers an effective backup solution


Give your customers an opportunity to test the solution with the free trial for 30 days – with no commitment.  

managed service or self-service

The Anycloud Backup for 365 solution can be offered as a managed service or self-service solution in a simple and transparent pricing model based on a ‘’per user model’’.  

choose data locality worldwide

Customers can choose backup storage location from IBM datacenters worldwide. This way your customers can store their backup data separate from the Microsoft environment, to have a multi-vendor protection setup.

... and much more!

Web portal for management and restore

Anycloud Backup for 365 has a simple-to-use intuitive web interface consisting of three portals: management portal, restore portal and self-service restore portal.

The management portal is for administration of all organizational data and is where backups are scheduled. It is also in the management portal where retention periods are chosen – 1, 3, 5 or 10 years all with unlimited storage. The restore portal is from where backups can be retrieved and restored. In addition, it is possible to restore entire folders or single files. The self-service restore portal allows end-users to create restores without relying on the IT-department.

Technical specifications

ISO 27001


ISAE 3000


Anycloud Backup for 365 is developed by Anycloud, and the service is built with the center focus of supporting the regulations within General Data Protection Regulation and industry security standards. The technologies used are compliant as data is encrypted and once data is placed in the chosen datacenter it stays there. Data security is our priority, and our 365 service is delivered in multiple IBM datacenters across the globe, which are minimum tier-3 datacentres. We work exclusively with IBM for higher compliance and better security.

In addition, we deliver a feature that supports the ‘’right to be forgotten‘’ -act for your end-customers, which offers the unique possibility to delete specific users and their personal data. Furthermore, we have an option for an exit-strategy in place for end-customers in case of termination of the service removing data from Anycloud Backup for 365 to a 3rd party. Anycloud does not restrict, withhold, or keep data after termination. 

Starting price (per seat per month)

Contact for pricing
Data retention
1-3-5-10 years
Data storage (hot storage)
Data traffic (no egress, ingress or transaction fees)
15 worldwide data storage locations
Automated daily backup
Independent, off-site backup location
Data redundancy
3 copies in same data center locations
eDiscovery / search
Granular search, across all restore points
Immutable blockchain-verified
storage technology
Mass restore, restore wizard
High degree of granularity restore
Point-in-time restore
Activity log, including deletions
Free for inactive users, e.g ex-employees
Full API support for third-party integration
Fast-track onboarding
Security Contact for pricing
Data encryption at rest and in transit
Single sign-on (SSO)
Multifactor authentication (MFA)
Right-to-be-forgotten (RTBF)
Detailed job monitor and notifications
Audit log
Role-based access control
Custom role-based access control
Support Contact for pricing
Support tiers
Essential support
Support hours
Standard business hours
Support channel
Target response time
Essential target SLA (From 1 business hour
to 3 business hour depending on severity level)
Access to Anycloud support site

Knowledge base and changelog

As a part of the service there are two useful links for the knowledge base, where all common questions and technical errors have been collected. The changelog is divided into API, management portal and restore portal, where you can find all the latest updates.