Anycloud DRAAS


Companies work online more than ever and base their businesses on 24/7/365 availability. However, the digital world is evolving, and companies are facing more threats.

Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam is designed for your customers’ businesses that require constant uptime and a failover service. Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam ensures business continuity in any kind of disaster scenario.

Why choose Anycloud draas for Veeam

Our service provides the possibility to simply secure customers data and restore in case of any type of threat minimizing the customers downtime. Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam allows restore with only one click, making it possible for customers to keep operating.

When the service is needed for a partial or full failover situation, it is possible to access the VM’s from the Veeam software or from the web browser and start you servers up. This means your customers quickly can return to production and fulfill the companies RTO and RPO demands.

Give your customers an effective solution


Give your customers an opportunity to test the Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam service with a free trial offering 5TB, 1 VM, 8GB vRAM, 2 vCPU and 1 public IP for 30 days – with no commitment

packaged solution

Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam is a full packaged solution that is compatible with other Anycloud Backup services

Support VMware

Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam supports virtual environments from VMware

... and much more!

Technical specifications

ISO 27001


ISAE 3000


Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam is developed by Anycloud, and the service is built with the center focus of supporting the regulations within General Data Protection Regulation and industry security standards. The technologies used are compliant as data is encrypted and once data is placed in the chosen datacenter it stays there. Data security is our priority, and our service is delivered in multiple datacentres across the globe, which are minimum tier-3 datacentres. 

Knowledge base and changelog

As a part of the service there are two useful links for the knowledge base, where all common questions and technical errors have been collected. The changelog is divided into API, management portal and restore portal, where you can find all the latest updates.