Anycloud Backup for 365 available
on IBM Cloud Marketplace

25 years has passed since the beginning of Anycloud, and at Anycloud, we are always looking for opportunities to expand the availability of our solutions on a global scale. We are pleased to announce that the Anycloud Backup for 365 solution is available on IBM Cloud Marketplace.

Anycloud Backup for 365 is a partner-ready SaaS offering for data protection and is created with the intent to safely and easily backup and restore data. The purpose of Anycloud Backup for 365 is to provide a secure backup of data stored within the main services Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Teams for end-users. The Anycloud Backup for 365 solution can be used as a managed service or self-service solution.

IBM Cloud Marketplace provides a sales channel for IBM Ecosystem partners to buy and sell their enterprise applications to IBM Cloud clients worldwide. Through the IBM Cloud Marketplace, customers can access Anycloud Backup for 365 through IBM Cloud with single invoicing from IBM, IBM account integration, and a streamlined approach for deployment and management of these cloud solutions. Anycloud Backup for 365 joins over 400 existing offerings on IBM Cloud Marketplace, including Anycloud services, driving product awareness, streamlining billing and metering processes through IBM, and opening access to IBM’s enterprise clients running on IBM Cloud.

Anycloud Backup for 365 has a simple-to-use intuitive web interface consisting of three portals: management portal, restore portal, and end-user self-service portal. The management portal is for administration of all organizational data and is where backups are scheduled. The restore portal is from where backups can be retrieved and restored. The end-user self-service portal is from where end-users can access their own emails and OneDrive data without relying on the IT department. Data security is our priority, and the ACB365 service is delivered in multiple IBM datacentres worldwide, which are minimum tier-3 datacentres. In addition, ACB365 deliver many powerful features such as support for the ”right to be forgotten” -act for end-customers, which offers the unique possibility to delete specific usersand their personal data. Furthermore, this secures the end-customers to have an exit-strategy in place. 

The catalog of offerings on the IBM Cloud Marketplace empowers over 600,000 individual site visitors monthly, including users from Fortune 500 companies, with the solutions they need to support their digital transformations.


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Anycloud is a provider of reseller-ready partner and distributor data management solutions and deliver services to more than 500 partners worldwide. For more information, visit the website or view the service on IBM Cloud Marketplace here.

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Gregor Frimodt-Møller

Gregor Frimodt-Møller

Anycloud Group CEO