Three effective methods
to prevent cyber-attacks

The world of cyber security is complex and the landscape of hacker attacks and protecting from malicious attacks are ever-changing. Furthermore, the increased use of artificial intelligence in our digital infrastructures adds an extra layer of complexity. Understanding who is behind cyber-attacks has become crucial for global security. With the new changes of cyber threats, new measures of cyber security must be implemented. We’ve gathered three effective methods to strengthen your defense against malicious intent and thereby improve cyber security:


Implement multi-factor authenticator (MFA)

According to a report from Microsoft, MFA (multi factor authentication) can reduce the likelihood of account breaches by 99.9%. Companies can ensure sensitive information only is accessible to authorized users, by implementing at least two identification methods for employees.


Update and patch management

Software updates and effective patch management are crucial in upholding a strong cyber-security defense. Timely updating of systems and other IoT devices can close ‘digital doors’ to cyber-criminals and prevent exploitation of known weaknesses.


Cyber-security education and awareness

95% of all data breaches are human errors. An honest mistake by an employee can cost an organization both valuable data and financial losses. Therefore, it is essential to train employees in cyber-security to spot fraudsters. In addition, attacks involving AI in combination with social engineering are increasing and are from a technical perspective difficult to prevent.

Cyber-attacks continue to increase with more focused targets involving social engineering, phishing- and whaling tactics. Even certain industries are more targeted than others including the industries of finance, education, and energy – to mention a few.

According to the 2023 Data Protection Trends Report from Veeam – 85% of surveyed companies have been exposed to at least one cyber-attack in the past twelve months, which is an increase of 9% from previous year.

Implementing MFA, update- and patch management, as well as incorporating cyber security education are vital components in a strong defense. However, one important add-on is a secure and reliable backup. A robust backup solution will ensure quick recovery after a cyber-attack. Securing a copy of company data, can save you from a costly recovery and leaked data.

Anycloud can protect against malicious intent from fraudsters with partner-ready cyber security solutions within data management. Cyber security is not only about protecting your company’s data, but just as much about protecting reputation, finances, and the future of the company.

Michael Plahn

Michael Plahn

Customer Relations Manager