Do you really need one?

The short answer is – yes!

We live in a world where cyber threats are many and the reality for 83% of companies is not if a data breach occurs, but when. Usually, the accident even happens more than once for companies. Unauthorized access is the leading cause of data breaches for the fifth consecutive year. An IT strategy can help secure your company against hackers, insider threats and other malicious threats lurking in the digital world.

An effective IT strategy depends on various parameters including the company’s industry, goals, size, and budget. Some key components generally considered important in an IT strategy include:

  • Your IT strategy should be streamlined with your overall business goals and must thereby support the company’s mission, vision, and long-term strategy. In this way, you ensure that your IT investments contribute to the company’s success.
  • It is essential to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the company’s existing IT infrastructure, systems, and processes. It is important to identify which weaknesses, opportunities, and potential risks the company faces. This assessment forms a solid basis for future IT planning.
  • Consider the scalability and flexibility of your IT solution, as it must be able to keep up with future growth in your business. An investment in systems that can adapt and develop is well spent.
  • In line with investment in IT solutions, it is a good idea to develop strong relationships with IT suppliers. Prepare clear expectations, service agreements, etc. To your IT supplier and regularly review the supplier’s performance against their IT systems, solutions, and technologies.
  • For optimized security, it is a good idea to implement security measures to protect important data. This implementation includes regular monitoring, threat assessments, backups as well as training employees on digital threats.

The importance of a thorough IT strategy

A well-thought-out IT strategy can secure your business in the long run and help protect against malicious actors. As the company grows, it is important that the IT strategy is agile to keep up with the changing needs. The essence is to secure valuable data and have a disaster recovery plan in place if a breach of your systems were to occur.

Our simple and scalable partner-ready cloud solutions within data management focus on digital security. Our service portfolio of backup and replication solutions delivers innovation, quality, and high compliance in securing data. We have 25 years of experience in helping our partners and distributors expand and elevate their businesses. So, let’s have a commitment-free chat about how we can support your business.

Benjamin Falk Elveng

Benjamin Falk Elveng

Anycloud COO