Everything you should know about backup in the cloud

You have without a doubt hears of ‘’the cloud’’, but have you fully understood what it means to put something in it? ‘’The cloud’’ is the common term for the cloud service covering one or more computer servers, which are located in a data center, somewhere in the world, from which you can retrieve or access your data at any time.

We increasingly spend more time on our computer, tablet, and phone. We cannot avoid the fact that our devices are filled to the breaking point with important document, images, and other critical data. However, we spend far too little time securing our irreplaceable data, and too few understand the importance of investing in data security. A backup in the cloud has therefore become a necessity for many – both private individuals and companies. However, it can quickly become a jungle of different solutions and cloud providers.

Three reasons to use the cloud

Many do not prioritize investigating the importance of a backup, but the truth is that you and your company are better positioned with a backup of your vital data away from your location. Even more so if you experience a data breach or a physical breakdown. There are many advantages for having a backup in place – we’ll give you our three obvious advantages:

  1. It is easy and quick for employees to access files and collaborate on shared documents using e.g. Teams, SharePoint and similar solutions.
  2. The company can set the framework for how your files and data can be processed and accessed – and by whom. There are many cloud solutions available in the market, and there is also one fitting your needs.
  3. An automatic and encrypted backup of your data and files if an accident should occur e.g. the files are compromised locally by malicious actions or user error.

Why choose a cloud provider?

A cloud provider is a third-party company to which you outsource your IT infrastructure to store and process your data. There are many who offer online backups of your data, but you must keep price, quality and GDPR in mind before choosing your provider.

Anycloud is a provider of reseller-ready cloud solutions and specialize in secure data management. A part of our service portfolio we offer Backup-as-a-Service to our partners, packed to fit the needs of their end-customers. Backup-as-a-Service is design to aid companies with backups of large amounts of data. Your data in our care is encrypted and cannot be stolen or spied on. Choosing a backup plan with a cloud provider can ultimately be the savior to your business.

Benjamin Falk Elveng

Benjamin Falk Elveng

Chief Operations Officer

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