Immutability - the words on
everyone's lips

Ah, Immutability… the buzzword in the data management world, a word on everyone’s lips. But do you know what it is and what it covers?


Let’s start with an analogy:

Immutable can be described as a permanent marker. You can write anything you need on a whiteboard, but nothing of the written can ever be altered or erased.

Well, in a simple way – that is immutability. Often it is described as WORM; “write once – read many”.

With our immutable storage you store your data in an object storage bucket from IBM Cloud. And once your data is stored, it can’t be deleted or modified in the period you have set yourself. You can get your data with your encryption key, through a gateway guarded by Anycloud, but never change or delete it. This has a huge advantage as this also goes for any malicious hacker and other digital threats.  No-one can delete or change that data in the set period – your data is immutable.

As an extra layer of security Anycloud Object Storage from IBM Cloud with immutability also introduces, secure mode. Let’s return to the metaphor. With secure mode Anycloud, and Anycloud alone holds the keys to your data, and is guarding your data to make sure that you are always identified as you. With Secure Mode Anycloud make sure that your key is encrypted even from yourself, taking your compliance to the next level.

Another feature when choose immutability is object lock. Object lock allows an administrator to specify a certain data retention period. This feature enhances data protection and ensures immutability, which allows organizations to safeguard data against malicious threats such as ransomware or unauthorized alterations.

However, immutability may not be confused with a backup. Therefore, you need to see the immutability feature with Object Storage as an add-on to your data management and cannot stand alone.

Why BaaS for Veeam and Object Storage for Veeam Immutable is a match made in heaven

First let’s describe the difference between what is Anycloud BaaS for Veeam and what is Anycloud Object Storage from Veeam with immutability:

This is why the combination of the two are a match made in heaven. The two solutions are compatible, and each bring an extra layer of security to ensure full data protection that is safe from cyber-criminals and inside threats.

Immutable backups are here to stay, and the benefits are plenty. Do you wonder if immutable storage is the right choice for you? We are here to assist you with any questions you might have to secure your data.

Benjamin Falk Elveng

Benjamin Falk Elveng

Anycloud COO