IT security: The human factor

During the recent weeks, there has been a lot of attention on ransomware and IT security, which has led users to ask us this question: is endpoint protection, such as antivirus, enough? As ransomware and other malware are becoming more and more intelligent, we as users become more and more vulnerable. The need to be constantly aware and always be one step ahead of the cyber criminals is on the rise. No easy task.

The quintessence is that the human factor in IT security is a big risk. Humans being in control, and handling the decision-making process concerning cyber security leaves it flawed. Behavioral patterns are about what we know and what we think we understand. However, knowing that cyber security is important and actually understanding it are two different things. Computing and data often exceed our human capabilities, when they become too vast. We sometimes need a decision-maker separate from ourselves to detect, identify and contain threats that we cannot see.

‘’… in 40% of businesses, employees hid security incidents.’

Using advanced machine intelligence detection programs to identify malware will not only take away the pressure that lies on each individual, but also ensure a higher level of safety as well as a more profitable use of the human resources in your company. Machine learning is something that helps us in many aspects of our everyday life. In this instance a ‘machine security team’ will go a long way.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Identifying indicators of an attack using Endpoint Detection and Response from one single endpoint security platform can help you as it is a fast learner and your trusted guide. It does so effortlessly as it has a library of remediation packages it has learned. This improves the effectiveness of your endpoint security, leaving you more secure than any human security team could make you.

If you are concerned with the effectiveness of your endpoint and security or want to learn more about it, give us a call and we’ll guide you through your options. 

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