Protect your business
from ransomware

You’ve without a doubt heard the term: ransomware. But what does it actually cover? And how do you avoid the next ransomware attack?

Ransomware is a virus that is downloaded from email attachments, advertisements, malicious websites, or unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Ransomware encrypts your files so that you cannot access the contents. You thereby lose your pictures, documents, and other things on your computer. The only way you can (maybe) regain access to your data is by paying the ransom.

''4.54 million USD is the average cost of a ransomware attack - and that's excluding the cost of the ransom itself''

There are various factors that contribute to making you vulnerable to ransomware:

  • Your device has outdated software
  • Operating systems no longer receive patches
  • Employee training in cyber security has been introduced
  • There is no backup plan
Remember that malicious malware can be transferred to devices automatically without your knowledge when you accidentally visit a suspicious website or click on unknown content. 


How to avoid ransomware

Hackers and their methods are becoming more and more creative. Therefore it is a good idea to start early to protect your self and the company against cyber threats. The most widespread form of attack is via spam emails containing links or attachments. These spam emails are sent daily, and it is therefore important to train your employees to spot the malicious emails and thereby avoid potential attacks. Consequently all employees should be trained in basic knowledge of online security. For optimal protection of important data, a backup process must be implemented to be able to restore lost data. 

To stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals, it is a good idea to know about the current cyber-threat landscape dominating the year. Take a deep dive into our take on the top five cyber threats forecasted in 2023.

Anycloud is an experienced provider of partner-ready cloud solutions, that focus on data management and digital security. This is our reflected in our product portfolio, that covers everything needed to stay clear of malicious attacks and if necessary, how to recover from it. 

Benjamin Falk Elveng

Benjamin Falk Elveng

Anycloud COO

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