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Anycloud Data Management is delivered by Anycloud, and in the portfolio you find five services, which separately or combined can help secure and protect your clients’ businesses. If you want to learn more about the partner-ready cloud solutions we provide, please click on the icons below.

AC Backup for 365

Deliver secure backup for Microsoft 365 data

AC Baas for Veeam

Scalable backup with Veeam Cloud Connect

object storage

AC Object Storage for Veeam

Expanding on-premise storage into the cloud

AC Backup for Azure

A native cloud backup service for Azure environments

AC DraaS for Veeam

Secure infrastructure and limit downtime against digital threats


Are you a reseller? You can become a partner today, and make the four offerings a part of your own portfolio – it’s easy to become at partner, and besides the added value to your company, we also help you with your sales. You get access to our Partner Universe, where you can find presentations, whitepapers and other sales materials for the solutions. But this is not it, you also get exclusive access to sales training so you can make all your sales dreams come true.