ANYCLOUD Digital trust

How are you going to protect customers in a world of digital threats?

There is more to protecting customers’ businesses in a digital world than meets the eye. Anycloud Digital Trust is a partner-ready cloud solution covering the two solutions; Detect & Verify. The solutions are created with the purpose of detecting fraud and keeping malicious activity out, thereby establishing digital trust with customers. The service is powered by IBM Trusteer and delivered by Anycloud in a cost-effective as-a-Service model.

Customers on digital platforms expect a seamless digital journey, and organizations need to deliver a frictionless experience for true customers. Anycloud Detect & Verify will help establish, maintain, and sustain digital trust from an agile cloud platform built with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities.

Reasons for choosing Detect & Verify

How does Detect & Verify work?

The as-a-Service solution is built on advanced technology from IBM Trusteer, which is a digital trust tool that enables five different technologies that focus on separating fraudulent sessions from true sessions.

The solution monitors all sessions on the protected platform with the exclusion of private and personal data. Detect & Verify creates IDs that are characteristics of the user including behavior and device-linked features, creating a digital persona of the user. Detect & Verify detects more than 100 different kinds of behavior patterns such as how users type passwords, movement of the mouse, geographical location, and if the same IP address is used.

The Digital Trust solution will thereby only allow true users to access their personal information.

behavioral biometrics

Detect & Verify is based on AI and machine learning and is trained by its users. The sessions are accumulated and analyzed by IBM, which have more than 60 billion session scans every month. The solution will from the scanned sessions learn to identify and know how customers act and acknowledge if the users has been identified on a different application.


Every piece of data analyzed is available in real time in the Detect & Verify application. The service will alert you in case of detecting a fraudulent session from a competitor’s website visits your site. This makes it possible to act and disable in real time the user from logging into your end-customers application as an imposter.

risk scoring

Risk scoring

The way Anycloud Detect and Verify works is by combining various technology parameters and calculates a score from 0-1000, with 0 reflecting a true session and 1000 being a fraudulent session. The application we protect determines what factors should build up the score and what happens in the case of detecting a fraudulent session. The service detects behavior, which is not in line with the user’s normal activity. Best of all, the data Detect & Verify detects on the fraudster will prevent them from trying to commit the same crime on another website using the solution leveraging Digital Trust from the biggest security data consortium in the world.

It is impossible to be responsible for protecting everybody’s devices, and after more than 25 years in the industry, we have learned that customers often are the weakest link in the digital world.

What are the benefits for end-customers?

The Digital Trust service delivers all the benefits from IBM Trusteer in an as-a-Service model that is scalable and with an adaptable price model.

Deliver a frictionless customer journey without authentication

Provide live feedback on the risk score through each stage of your customers’ application

Secure loyalty programmes, bonus points, and personal information

Increased cyber security with the use of passive biometrics

Keep Net Promoter Score high

Leave out 2FA and other authentication applications when true users are proven