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I see ACDV as an insurance. I can’t think of anything more important than having an insurance for the data our business is depended on

Alexis Chrysostomou, Kanika hotels & resorts

Kanika Hotels & Resorts

Since 1975, Kanika Hotels & Resorts has been the leading hotel group in Cyprus. In the forefront of the hospitality industry, it’s crucial for Kanika Hotels & Resorts to be able to deliver the highest quality of service to all its guests – this means that uptime and business continuity are important aspects as they need 24/7 availability. To achieve this, Kanika Hotels & Resorts have invested in Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam from Anycloud. The right solution for the business that demands constant uptime and data insurance.  

Before Kanika Hotels & Resorts started using Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam, they invested in backup, Alexis Chrysostomou, CEO of Kanika Hotels & Resorts, says:

In 2007 we had an additional local server taking backup from our day’s work, and every night the files were transferred. This way we would be able to start again if there was a problem at head office. The problem was: it did not work. Now working with Newcytech and Anycloud my life is a lot easier. Our solution is cloud-based, and I can test it right now and right here. We need no other components to keep the core of our business it’s simplicity and security combined.  

For Kanika Hotels & Resorts routine check and tests of the DR-mode gives an idea of how long it would take if they were to failover to disaster recovery mode. Alexis says, “It took us 20 minutes last time we tested it to switch over to DR-mode.”. He continues: “It’s good to know that it is there, being able to switch from normal-mode to disaster-mode gives us comfort, because seeing that it works, even if we plan it, provides security. We haven’t used it for real disaster, and I hope we never have to. I’d rather be safe, and with ACDV, knowing it’s there it makes me sleep a little easier at night”.  

Kanika Hotels & Resorts today has a full solution covering all their data in a secure cloud-to-cloud model, where all data is encrypted. Meaning that it’s only Kanika Hotels & Resorts trusted employees, who have access to the data, but at the same time the solution also complies with the ISO terms of compliance, and this gives them segregation of duties (SoD). “No one should have the power to delete everything. Data is kept safe, and this provides insider threat protection as an added value for us”, Alexis adds. Kanika Hotels & Resorts solution cover everything that they need to deliver the services their guests need, and “We also have a copy of the pay roll, account system, and the storage.”. In this way, Kanika Hotels & Resorts can be back in business within 20 minutes, no matter what circumstances led to downtime. 

In the service industry there is no time for downtime, “Time and quality of services are the two critical factors. It’s important for us to have 24/7 accessibility, and if we had a breakdown our quality of service would be affected. With Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam I don’t have to tell guests “I can’t access your booking because our systems are down”. These things can’t happen, and that’s why we invested in data insurance.” This is exactly how Alexis Chrysostomou views Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam as an insurance.   

I see ACDV as an insurance. I can’t think of anything more important than having an insurance for the data our business is depended on”, and it is this mindset, which helps Kanika Hotels & Resorts do what they do best, every day and with no interruptions. 






Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam is based on Cloud Connect from Veeam Software.

About Kanika Hotels & Resorts

With more than 200 employees and more than 200 prestigious awards Kanika Hotels & Resorts are among the top ranking in Europe. Since the 1970’s Kanika Group have completed the construction of six luxury hotels and resorts in the most popular tourist locations in Cyprus. Welcoming thousands of guests every year guaranteeing the best possible holiday experience. The company is certified with the Quality Assurance system ISO 902 and the Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points system HACCP.


When talking about the Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam solution and the benefits it provides to Kanika Hotels and Resorts and their business, there are two main focuses to take into consideration.

RTO: Recovery Time Objective

RTO refers to how long time an application can be down, without causing significant damage to the business.

RPO: Recovery Point Objective

Recovery point objectives refer to the loss tolerance of your company. The amount of data which can be lost without causing significant damage to your business.    

With a fully working DRaaS solution delivered by Anycloud, Kanika Hotels and Resorts can continue what they do best, serving their customers. The Anycloud DRaaS for Veeam solution is a  naturally air-gapped, with no need for complex VPN or MPLS solutions. One of the major advantages is that the service is fully scalable, which means, when your business grows, your DRaaS automatically follows. Some might have concerns about data transfer in cloud solutions, but data is AES-256 bit encrypted in every state. In case of a need of their DRaaS solution either a partial or full failover of the production environment is possible. But how do you activate or start your DRaaS solution, in case of total disaster? It is accessible directly through a web interface making it smooth and easy. 


  • Ensures all data is protected, available, private, secure, and redundant

  • Enables a 1:1 replica of the Kanika Hotel Group infrastructure

  • Gives the possibility to failover in 20 minutes

  • Ensures segregations of duties and strong on compliance terms

  • Secures the company against ransomware attacks