Anycloud has teamed up with IBM to deliver the simple and scalable ACB365 solution to new markets. The ACB365 service is now available on IBM Cloud Marketplace.  

Anycloud has been in the IT industry for more than 25 years, and a part of the success comes from the partnership with IBM. The company are excited to announce the availability of Anycloud Backup for 365 on IBM Cloud Marketplace.  

This collaboration offers a secure and scalable cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365 applications. By leveraging IBM Cloud Marketplace, businesses can now access ACB365 with ease.  

Organizations are increasingly relying on Microsoft 365 for daily operations and the need for data protection has become paramount. Anycloud Backup for 365 addresses these requirements with a cloud-based solution, which is user-friendly, simple-to-use, and has the possibility to scale alongside of the organization.  

‘’With ACB365 we are protecting M365 data for our partners and clients and are now available on the IBM Cloud marketplace worldwide. This enables and automates IBM Cloud Object Storage directly in many countries and IBM Business Partners can now protect their customers with less than 5-minutes onboarding. From start to finish. Protecting your data has never been this simple’’ – Gregor Frimodt-Møller, Anycloud CEO.  

Anycloud Backup for 365 has a simple-to-use intuitive web interface consisting of two portals: management portal and restore portal. The management portal is for administration of all organizational data and is where backups are scheduled. The restore portal is from where backups can be retrieved and restored. Data security is our priority, and the ACB365 service is delivered in multiple IBM datacenters worldwide, which are minimum tier-3 datacenters.In addition, ACB365 delivers many powerful features such as support for the ‘’right to be forgotten‘’ -act for end-customers, which offers the unique possibility to delete specific users and their personal data. Furthermore, this ensures the end customers have an exit strategy in place. 

The newest addition to the service is the release of the Anycloud Management Portal v3.1.0, which brings the market-leading self-service restore feature for end users. The feature allows employees to access their own emails and OneDrive data.  

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About Anycloud

Anycloud creates simple and scalable partner-ready ISO-certified cloud solutions. Anycloud is present in more than 30 countries distributing services to 500+ partners.  


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