Anycloud welcomes new Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Revenue Officer to enhance the Management Team

Gregor Frimodt-Møller

Group Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Frimodt-Møller

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Allentoft

Chief Revenue Officer

Benjamin Elveng

Chief Operating Officer

Louise Heesche Refdahl

Chief Commercial Officer

Anycloud, a leading innovator in cloud solutions, proudly announces the appointment of Louise Heesche Refdahl as Chief Commercial Officer to bolster its dynamic management team.

Louise brings a wealth of experience and expertise to sales and marketing, making her an invaluable addition to the Anycloud team. With a proven track record, Louise will play a pivotal role in steering Anycloud’s strategic initiatives and contributing to the company’s growth journey.

‘’I am incredibly honored about the new journey that lies ahead as I step into the role of Chief Commercial Officer. I view this position as a unique opportunity to drive growth along with expanding our market share, ensuring that we consistently realize our full commercial potential.’’  – Louise Heesche Refdahl, Chief Commercial Officer.

In addition, Thomas Allentoft, a current Management team member, will change role position from Chief Sales Officer to Chief Revenue Officer, where he will oversee the entire revenue of Anycloud and thereby ensure progress.

‘’I am excited about my new role and responsibility as Anycloud Chief Revenue Officer, as it gives me a unique opportunity to work on adding value to the entire group business on a strategic level and to optimize the synergy between different services.’’  – Thomas Allentoft, Chief Revenue Officer.

Louise Heesche Refdahl and Thomas Allentoft will have a close collaboration to meet expectations and securing the Anycloud journey.

Anycloud CEO, Gregor Frimodt-Møller states ‘’I am very proud of introducing Louise to the management team of Anycloud. With Louise as CCO and part of the management, and Thomas as new CRO, Anycloud will be ready for the next growth phase. Running Anycloud as a people-driven company has always been my ethos, and having exceptional talent like Louise and Thomas on board makes our journey even more exciting and innovative.’’

With the addition and role change of Louise Heesche Refdahl and Thomas Allentoft, Anycloud reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge innovative cloud solutions and thus maintaining its position as a frontrunner in the industry.

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About Anycloud

Anycloud is a specialized multi cloud service provider, who delivers professional ISO-certified cloud services to 500+ partners worldwide.


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