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2009 marks the year Anycloud started their relationship with Veeam® Software, the leader in Modern Data Protection. Anycloud is a Danish ISO certified multi cloud service provider providing secure cloud solutions globally and has established itself as a Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) specialist.

Anycloud has evolved from providing end-customers with software solutions to facilitating a partner channel on a global scale with SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings. Anycloud’s global presence is also a result of their strong partnership with IBM involving IBM Cloud datacentres, making it possible to deliver local solutions to global markets. This creates a strong differentiation for Anycloud against other CSPs, which is also seen in their latest collaboration with Arrow Electronics.

In the collaboration with Arrow ECS a new solution within Arrow’s suite of managed services is launched. The managed services utilize Veeam Software, which is used to manage the backup and modern data protection and is available to resellers and managed service providers throughout EMEA.

Anycloud has established itself as a trusted value-added supplier for Veeam, while bringing services to market in true SaaS offerings for distributors and partners. In August 2022 Anycloud reached an incredible milestone with securing one million backup jobs, and continuously displays tremendous growth of 262% year by year.

Anycloud is making its products available on a global scale carried out by talented experts within the IT industry. With their knowledge and experience, they have raised Anycloud products to a higher level to establish Modern Data Protection in increasingly complex IT environments. This means that diverse types of workloads, data and applications are protected cost-effectively while always remaining available for all business purposes.

In recognition of its impact and success,  Anycloud has won Best VCSP Partner of the Year award 3 times, which is given to the partner who made the largest contribution to the popularization of cloud technologies.

Anycloud Group CEO, Gregor Frimodt-Møller says, ‘’We aim to continuously improve, innovate, and develop our solutions. Veeam Software is a vital factor in helping us drive the business forward with the best partner driven solutions in the market. We would never have reached our present level of success with our SaaS offerings without our collaboration with Veeam.’’

Graham Crich, Veeam Vice President Cloud EMEA says, ‘’Anycloud has a proven history of exhibiting an outstanding level of product and technical expertise with Veeam. Through Anycloud partner driven SaaS offerings, Veeam is gaining a foothold in markets not previously reachable.’’

Years have flown by since the beginning of the Anycloud partnership, and great success has been achieved with Anycloud bringing reseller-ready SaaS solutions to the worldwide market through an innovative partner driven business.

About Anycloud

Anycloud is a specialized multi cloud service provider, who delivers professional ISO-certified cloud services to 500+ partners worldwide.


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