Partner success story

We chose Anycloud because they’re professional, innovative, trustworthy and reliable — Anycloud cares about our clients as much as we do.” 

George Oskis, Executive Director at NewCytech

Veeam x NewCytech

As a leading international systems integrator, NewCytech provides end-to-end IT solutions and services to thousands of customers. For decades, the company has established strategic partnerships with the world’s most prominent and well-respected technology vendors including Veeam Software. NewCytech began selling and implementing Veeam solutions shortly after virtualization began. 

NewCytech’s next step was to establish a partnership with a cloud provider so its clients could extend their on-prem Veeam backups to a secure, private cloud. George Oskis, Executive Director at NewCytech, said his goal was to find a cloud provider that values data availability and business continuity as much as NewCytech. 

“The choice was easy and obvious,” Oskis said. “We chose Anycloud because they’re professional, innovative, trustworthy and reliable — Anycloud cares about our clients as much as we do.” 

As an Anycloud partner, NewCytech offers clients Veeam-powered Backup as a Service (BaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Archive as a Service (AaaS) and Protecting Infrastructure as a Service (PIaaS). Oskis said partnering with Anycloud was one of the best decisions he and his colleagues made, and they realized it more than ever during COVID-19. 

“Most companies began using public cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365 when the pandemic began so their employees could work remotely,” Oskis said. “For the first time, a large portion of their data was off-premises, and they worried about protecting it. Microsoft makes it clear that Office 365 users are responsible for backing up their data, so companies came to us for help. Their data is growing at extraordinary levels and will continue to grow post pandemic.”

The Veeam and Anycloud solution 

NewCytech ensures all client data is protected, available, private, secure, and redundant. Veeam and Anycloud deliver 99.9% uptime and comply with all data sovereignty laws and international regulatory requirements including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Veeam and Anycloud also help grow NewCytech’s client base significantly and recurring revenue stream. 

“Since the pandemic began, companies have experienced unprecedented data growth as their employees use public cloud applications to work remotely,” Oskis said. “As this growth continues post pandemic, Veeam and Anycloud help us protect their data.” 

NewCytech clients use Veeam to back up on-premises and to Anycloud’s private cloud. Oskis said an increasing number of ransomware attacks and data breeches during the pandemic proved that additional backup to the cloud provides much-needed data redundancy. 

“COVID-19 showed us that on-prem backup is absolutely necessary, but it’s definitely not enough,” he explained. “It’s become a de facto standard that data must be backed up to a cloud as well, whether it’s on-prem data or cloud data like Office 365. A big benefit of partnering with Anycloud is being able to assure clients they can comply with all data sovereignty laws and international requirements like GDPR because they can choose where their data is backed up. Anycloud helps us offer each client a personalized approach to data protection. Their support and response time are excellent.” 

Benjamin Falk Elveng, Chief Operating Officer at Anycloud, said his company’s partnership with NewCytech is symbiotic. 

“NewCytech’s support and response time are excellent as well,” Elveng said “They know exactly what each client needs to grow their business, and they’re great about communicating exactly how our services will support that growth. NewCytech knows their market better than anyone, so market penetration continues to increase for both of us. This partnership is a win-win.” 





Anycloud BaaS for Veeam
Anycloud DraaS for Veeam

About NewCytech

NewCytech Business Solutions Ltd is a subsidiary of Logicom Public Ltd, specialising in systems integration. With headquarters in Cyprus, our activities have expanded over time to cover the neighbouring geographical region. NewCytech history goes back to 1981, operating as an IT company offering IT Solutions. By 2004, we had become a leading systems solutions integrator combining infrastructure and business applications.


  • Ensures all data is protected, available, private, secure, and redundant Veeam backs up hundreds of terabytes across thousands of virtual machines for NewCytech’s clients. “One of the things we appreciate most about Veeam and Anycloud is scalability,” Oskis said.
  • Complies with data sovereignty laws and regulatory requirements including GDPR “Data laws and industry requirements can be daunting for clients, but Anycloud makes compliance easier,” Oskis said.
  • Helps increase the client base significantly and the recurring revenue stream “When the pandemic began, we offered something many of our competitors couldn’t offer — unparalleled data protection for their applications running on-premises and in public clouds.” Oskis said. “This trend will continue post pandemic, giving us the opportunity to grow our business further.”